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Weclome to UrbanMotionTech.com – a website dedicated on bringing you the latest news and developments around the personal electric transportation technology thats evolving day by day. On our website you’ll found reviews of various electric personal transportation devices and buying guides based on specific characteristics (such as speed, quality etc) helping you – our reader – to choose the right personal electric transportation device.

We love the idea of clean energy and easy movement through the cities. That was the main reason that pushed me personally to buy a personal electric transportation device my self and built this website. My first electric transportation device was an Electric Bicycle from Amazon. As years were passing I developed a good knowledge about this subject (personal electric transportation devices) through research and through communication with other personal transportation devices owners.

There are literraly hundreds of different personal transportation vehicles available to purchase nowadays and I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and learning them, so truste me, I know how time-consuming this is for someone. So I decided to create this website and help people from all around the world to choose the best personal transportation device that suits them better.

On the sidebar to your right you will find our latest reviews. As you can see we have devided our articles in categories based on the model of each personal transportation device. For example if you click on the Electric Unicycle link you can read all the articles that have to do with this type of personal transportation technology.

Also we created a wiki style page for each brand and company that deals with electric personal transportation devices in order to help you learn more for each company that manufactures these devices.

Great Content

We strive to right awesome content for our valuable readers. Our content includes honest product reviews, Product comparison articles, videos, infographics, shopping guides, informational articles and the latest news around the personal transportation in the big cities field.

If you’ve found a mistake, have a question, you want to request an article to be writen or have a suggestion on how to improve our writing style and our website, don’t hesitate to contact us.