This is the Best Folding Electric Bike in the UK

Do you want to learn what the best folding electric bike in the Uk is? Well, look no more. You don’t need to do endless research to find the ideal folding electric bike.


Because we’ve done the research for you. Yes, we at we’ve compared ten of the most popular folding electric bikes that are available to buy on  We searched through reviews on and trustpilot, we searched on each bike’s official website and we even called a couple of our buddies who have a folding electric bike to get their opinion and learn more about folding electric bikes.

Finally, we’ve came to the conclusion that the best folding electric bike in the Uk is the Volt Metro folding electric bike made by VOLT Bikes – a UK-based company.

But before we tell you why we’ve chosen the Volt Metro as the best electric folding bike, we think it is important for you to meet the rest of the ‘’contestants’’. The competition was hard. There are electric folding bikes from the table below that in some occasions had similar or sometimes even better characteristics than Volt Metro making thus are choice really difficult.

At the end though, the Volt Metro prevailed the rest folding electric bikes.

We’ve prepared a handy little table that highlights and compares the ten folding electric bikes we researched. This table basically compares some of the top features you should look for, when buying a folding electric bike. You can use it as a quick navigation to visit each folding electric bike’s page on for more information.

The best folding electric bike

As we mentioned earlier, the best folding electric bike – in our opinion – is the Volt Metro folding electric bike. After comparing it with 9 other folding electric bikes we’ve concluded that this folding electric bike is the best one you can buy.

You’ve probably wondering again, why we are saying this with such confidence?

Well, here’s why.

Volt Bikes is a UK Company & Offers 2 year warranty

First of all, the Volt Metro is made in the UK by Volt Bikes and offers a 2 year no-matter-what guarantee in everything.  Although it is not something that affects your riding experience, we consider this feature extremely important. By having the manufacturer inside the UK, you can contact them easier and even claim your rights faster when a problem occurs. Also, whether you buy the e-bike from amazon, ebay or any other website, your warranty applies and you can contact them to fix any issue that occurs.

The Volt Metro offers a really long travel range with a single charge

An electric bike’s travel range is another really important feature that you have to consider before making your purchase. Volt Metro has you covered here as well. You can ride the Volt Metro for up to 64 kilometers with a single charge. Yes, its powerful Panasonic 36V 10AH battery lets you travel a total of 64 kilometers. There is an option to buy the Volt Metro with an updated battery (36V 16AH) that will almost double your travel range to 96 km but it will add about £200 on the price. Of course, there are other folding electric bikes in this list like the ByoCycle Chameleon LS who can let you travel up to 80 km with a single charge but, to be honest, but for us 64 Km is more than enough.

It includes Powerful Bafang Motor

bafang motor best electric folding bikeVolt Metro electric folding bike has teamed with Bafang – a leading manufacturer of e-mobility components and complete systems, who sells its products in Europe, China and the United States. Thanks to its expertise in production of systems for e-bikes and electric scooters, the company’s products are well received in those markets.

The motor is 250W and allows the Volt Metro e-bike to travel with 25 km/h speeds in all terrains allowing you to not break a sweat even on acclivities. Also the brushless 250W Bafang Motor and VOLT™s Intelligent Controller guarantee you the most responsive and energy-efficient ride experience. Bafang motors are completely maintenance free.

The Volt Metro has one of the most Powerful Batteries in the market

Remember the really long travel range we mentioned earlier? Well, this is because of Volt Metro’s 36V 10AH battery (or 16 AH if you buy it with an upgraded battery). VOLT METRO is equipped with a PANASONIC Lithium Polymer battery as opposed to most electric bike models that have Lithium-ion batteries.

Volt Metro battery-best folding electric bike

Lithium Polymer batteries are lighter, thinner and their size can be customized. They are considered to be much safer than Lithium-ion batteries. Also, Volt Metro’s battery can be recharged for over 1000 times without losing a single percent from its power. Also The V-BMS intelligently monitors and protects your battery and motor to prevent damage caused by overstrain. Of course, Lithium Polymer batteries are much more expensive than Li-ion batteries and this is one of the reasons Volt Metro’s price ‘’pinch’s’’ a little.

Has a PAS & a Throttle system

Continuing with Volt Metro’s features, we love the fact that Volt Metro has a pedal assisted system (PAS) and a throttle system installed. Most folding electric bikes (and e-bikes in general) have a pedal assisted system installed because, throttle systems are not allowed outside UK. Only in the UK the throttle system is allowed. When you feel very tired of even pedaling a little you can switch the mobility to throttle and use your Volt Metro folding e-bike like a small scooter. So, again, a feature that enhances our choice.

A Light-weight folding electric bike

We all understand the importance of having a lightweight folding electric bike. Folding electric bikes have been invented to make your life easier by allowing you to move them and carry them with ease inside metro stations, busses or in the back of your board baggage. If you buy a heavy folding electric bike, then you’ll have difficulties on loading, unloading and carrying the e-bike.

The Volt Metro it might not be the lightest folding electric bike but it is considered to be light. It weighs only 21 kg with the battery and 18 kg without the battery. Of course we don’t expect you to remove the battery when you want to carry it so keep the 21 kg as the number to remember.  With 21kg, it is relatively low compared to other folding electric bikes that are sold in the UK.

Volt Metro comes with some extra Cool features:

volt metro lcd display-best folding electric bikeSome other features that made us choose Volt Metro as the best folding electric bike is that it includes an LCD Display that shows you in real-time your speed, how much battery you have and other useful data.

Also it has Shimano Alivio 8 speed gears and Pre-installed front and rear lights for night usage. Note that Shimano is the must have brand for electric bike gears and all the folding electric bikes that are on the above table have Shimano gears.

100% Positive Reviews: If you visit Volt Metro’s page you will see that now it has a 5.0 / 5 rating from 10 buyers. It is now the only folding electric bike that has that number of reviews and scores 5.0 / 5.

Here are some reviews from buyers on

Absolutely loving this bicycle. I saved long and hard to get this bike, wanted the top dog of electric folding bikes so this was well worth waiting for. I’m unfit, but getting out on this bike has given me drive to get started on using some muscles I’d forgotten about. The Shimano gears are so smooth, different power levels are spot on getting me up the steepest of hills, I can’t wait to get out on it. Not done any long distances as yet but I’m enjoying my short rides so far. The company sent the bike to my local bike shop who built it & set it up so I just had to collect it. The Electric Bike Store is available by phone if you need any assistance and the bike comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. There is a comprehensive User Manual with the bike which is extremely informative and worth reading. I can safely say I’m chuffed to bits with my purchase and I’m so glad I went for the top dog of electric folding bikes rather than compromise with a cheaper one. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product 100%, I love it.- paul n

I found myself in a position where I can’t drive for a while following a seizure, so I worried about how I was going to get myself around. This bike is wonderful – it will do about 45 miles on a full charge depending on how much you pedal.

Riding it is an odd sensation initially, you still pedal since it helps to recharge the battery, but you normally only feel resistance when going uphill. These aren’t supposed to go faster than 15.5mph, but I’ve had this as fast as 22 mph – VJ

I saved two years for this bike after I had a trial ride on in. I fell in love with it. It’s a very smooth ride, helps when you need help on those hills,easy to steer. It is very well made looks lush. After every ride I top it up on a charge so it’s already to go next trip out. The delivery service was fantastic… The guy came to my house made sure it was set up right and went through the folding, charging, and gears with me, this bike is well worth the cost I’m glad I never bought a cheap one. – W.Bedding

It’s only downside – that does not affect Volt Metro’s quality – is its price. There are other quality folding e-bikes like the ByoCycle Chameleon LS and the Kwik Fold PRO that cost almost £300 less than Volt Metro. The increased price has to do not only with the Lithium polymer battery we mentioned above but also with the various features that it has, that most folding electric bikes lack. Anyway, It might not be the most expensive folding electric bike in the world but it’s kind of pricey.

Here’s a video from Volt Bikes promoting Volt Metro’s features.

What’s the second Best Folding Electric Bike you can get?

If you are not too fond of Volt Metro folding electric bike then we suggest checking ByoCycle Chameleon LS and Kwik Fold PRO.

If VOLT Metro was not for sale, then we would have chosen one of those two. Both e-bikes have PAS and throttles system available like VOLT METRO, they are actually lighter than Volt Metro (ByoCycle 21 kg and Kwik Fold PRO 18 Kg), and they both have really good travel ranges (ByoCycle 56 – 80 km and Kwik Fold 40 km). As I mentioned earlier they are both cheaper than Volt Metro by almost £300.

We suggest that you read our Byocycle Chameleon LS Review and our Kwik Fold PRO Review for more information on these two folding e-bikes.

Having said that we still consider Volt Metro to be the best folding electric bike available in the UK. Finally you cannot ignore all the cool features it has even if it is more expensive than other folding electric bikes. And with the two year – no matter what – guarantee you can rest assure that you made a good choice on buying the Volt Metro, the best folding electric bike. You can read our Volt Metro review here

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