Electric Unicycle Comparison: Ninebot One E+ vs Solowheel Xtreme

With technological advancement, we daily see innovative products that make our lives easier. Recently, our commuting has been made much easier with the introduction of various types of electric unicycles which have made our lives easier. Talking about land transport, subways, bus stations, taxi stands are loaded with people waiting to get on their tubes, trains and buses to reach their destination. Electric unicycles were conceived as a way to improve commuting mainly in younger people.

Electric unicycles internally have a gyroscope that manages the orientation and a weight detection sensor activates its functions. The electric unicycle pedals are made of resistant metal alloys, it allows the rider full control of the device governing the speed and direction as the user leans.

In this article we review two of the best electric unicycles that are sold in the European market – the US made Solowheel Xtreme versus the options offered by the Chinese made Ninebot One E+


Both electric unicycles come loaded with various features, innovative specifications, a good look and a good price. Solowheel Xtreme weights 12 Kg and Ninebot One E+ weights 14 Kg. These devices have their own handgrip to ease its portability but in Ninebot One E+, its grip is hidden and can be popped out as needed. If you want a device that is easier to handle then Solowheel Extreme is the one you should purchase.


Most users are not always looking for the most features a product offers but rather they look for it’s design. A products design should involve beauty, size and comfort. Solowheel Xtreme case is made of high-polymer polycarbonate that make it tough and lightweight. It has a modern look that reflects an agile appearance. Solowheel Xtreme comes in black or white color. Ninebot One E+ case is made of LEXAN porcelain-white and glossy black that brings a fashionable and futuristic appearance; its shell has a wide range of colors to match any preference of users:  orange, green, pink, white, black and it also offers replacement personalized kits.

Solowheel Xtreme mount a little silicone leg pad that reduces friction of the leg of the user and brings him comfort, durability and a better control. Ninebot One E+ also mounts a leg pad that covers a large area, and offers great comfort. In this field, you should probably go with Ninebot One E+.


The size of Solowheel Xtreme is about 48 cm x 52 cm x 14 cm (H/L/W) and the size of Ninebot One E+ is about 47.5 cm x 45 cm x 17.5 cm.


The power of each electric unicycle could vary without compromising its speed or load range due to its optimization and efficiency. Nevertheless, Solowheel Xtreme has a powerful motor of 1800W, which operates almost silently. Ninebot One E+ power motor is only 500W. Solowheel Xtreme wins this duel as well.

Mileage Per Charge

Average mileage per charge offered by Solowheel Xtreme is about 20 km, while Ninebot One E+ is about 35 km. For both models the speed is relative the use, the weight and the road conditions. Ninebot One E+ offers the most amazing mileage.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed in Solowheel Xtreme is about 16 Km/hr. Ninebot One E+ offers a range of 22 km/h. Once again, Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle shows versatility on the speed that they can reach.

Rated Load

The rated load of Solowheel Xtreme is about 130 kg and Ninebot One E+ is 120 kg. Here, Solowheel Xtreme accomplishes the major load capacity.

Energy management

The energy of a commuting device at least should last to ride round trip the user destiny; because of that, energy management is a critical fact to take on count. Solowheel Xtreme includes a non-flammable and non-explosive 166Wh, VC3 battery; Ninebot One E+ however, includes 320Wh battery which has almost double capacity that Solowheel’s. Due to the possibilities that Ninebot One E+ offers to the user, it should be your first option.

Solowheel Xtreme has also a battery level indicator and an auto shutdown feature to save battery when they are not in use. Ninebot One E+ has an intelligent alarm system that includes sound, light and vibration at low power conditions.

The charging standard time in Solowheel Xtreme, it takes 120 minutes (60 minutes with fast charging). Meanwhile Ninebot One E+ has a charge range up to 4 hours.


Unicycle base its security on their construction, security speed controls, alarms and lights. Solowheel Xtreme, includes SOLOWARE system , and it is equipped with a convenient LED taillight for it use over the night. Meanwhile Ninebot One E+ is constructed of magnesium, has an incandescent circular lamp and makes use of a security system that emits an alarm for limiting speed, over leaning, internal malfunction and overheating.


Connectivity is the most wanted feature among teenagers and young adults because it allows them to get real-time data on their devices and be aware of their performance. Solowheel Xtreme includes a Bluetooth 4.0 interface useful to synchronize the devices with its Android app in smartphones, tablets and coming soon in smart watches. Ninebot One E+ also offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity useful for tracking, customization of light effects, remote firmware updating, ranking list an community, and its application is available for both iOS and Android.

Valuable features

Riders prefer unicycles that are weather proof and Solowheel Xtreme is indeed weather proof (it can be used it in rain). It also uses N45 magnetic steel resistant to high temperatures. Ninebot One E+ is compatible with different accessories like headlight, width laser lamp, car voice box and many others.


The price is the most influential factor of a purchase decision but it is important not to forget the value added features offered by companies. The Solowheel Xtreme costs 2.295 USD ( 1.600 BP about) and can be bought from their respective website. Ninebot One E+ can be purchased from aliexpress.com for 1.029 BP including shipping via UPS. Shipping time 3 – 7 days.

Ninebot One VS  Solowheel Comparison Table

The winner

ninebot one E+
Ninebot One E+

We have analyzed above the American-made Solowheel Xtreme and Chinese-made Ninebot One E+. According to our comparison guide above, most features are offered by Ninebot One E+ at a more affordable price as compared to Solowheel Xtreme.

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