How to ride an Electric Unicycle

( Many of us vividly remember how we learned to ride a bicycle, it felt like a challenge and once accomplished was rewarded with much applause. Fast forward to 2016, and you are presented with another cool ride that you only saw in movies, like Back to the Future and only wished you had all those sleek gadgets that would make your life easier. An electric unicycle is just one of those things. If you are wondering how to ride an Electric Unicycle, then the article below was written for you.

[toc] An electric unicycle is a vehicle mainly used for making a faster. It shares many features of bicycles, such as pedals, wheels, cranks, forks and even the saddle. The latest model of electric unicycle is similar to an automatic skateboard. It favors the rider balance and full control of the device through its built-in sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers and an electrical motor.

The basic principle that makes movement possible on an electric unicycle is through a gyroscope that acts as force stabilization; that is why this device is also known as a self-balancing unicycle. Electric unicycles require that the rider lean to maintain the balance.

Even if you know how to ride a bike, this will give you a completely new experience. There are a number of things that you must consider before riding an electric unicycle to make sure there are no accidents or mishaps in the future and to reduce the risk of any injuries, collisions or falls caused by lack of control.

In this article we will try to explain How to ride an Electric Unicycle the right way and what things you need to be aware of before you actually ride it. First, watch this video that we’ve found on YouTube. If you are not feeling like watching a video now, you can always read the rest of the article.

How to ride an Electric Unicycle

Step 1: Know the electric unicycle’s respective warnings

how to ride an electric unicycle
Always read the user’s manual before operating any device.

An electric unicycle has a user manual that warns you about its use. It recommends that you use the device properly and check battery power before use.

Warnings include instructions about the necessary gear to ride the device: helmet, footwear and other protective kits.

On the other hand, the use of an electric vehicle could be regulated by the local transit laws of your country. It also warns you about the ideal road conditions to avoid any fall. It marks the maximal weight that the device can load and also the ideal age of riders that can ride it. The user manual also warns about warranty and improper use of unicycle that you should definitely go through.

Step 2: Know your own electric unicycle.

Getting a new device could make you use it instantly without going through the user manual, but it is strictly advised that you should know your device before you take a ride on it. You need to learn about its components, how they work, what the buttons are for, how do indicators work, how to charge the battery, and how to connect your electric unicycle to other devices.

Step 3: Verify the energy levels

Since this is an electronic device it needs to be powered by its respective battery to work appropriately.

how to ride an electric unicycle
Most Electric Unicycles have power indicators. On this example this mode has four. If all four are lighten then the battery is full.

Some companies recommend a full charge before the first use and the needed time to get fully charged should be specified in the user guide. Once the battery is fully charged, you will need to check the power level indicators to be sure that the unicycle is fully charged and ready to cover a long distance ride.

Step 4: Preparation

You need to find a smooth road that is free of traffic to practice and take your first ride. Your posture should be upright and your body must be relaxed; your body must be perfectly aligned on the device with your feet centered on the pedals. It will be necessary that you ride it comfortably and firmly at a slow speed for a start. It is strongly recommended that you use the proper protective gear to ride the device.

Step 5: Ride it!

The last step to learn how to ride an electric unicycle is to actually ride it.

Here is the step-by-step process on what you have to do.

  • Set your electric unicycle vertically to the ground holding it by its handgrip and turn it on. You should see a light indicator and a sound notifying you that the device is turned on.
  • If your device has folded pedals, you should first unfold and press them in a downward position, to rest your feet on it.
  • Next you put one foot on one pedal and stand up straight as you put the other foot forward. You will need to shift your weight forward to place the other foot on the other pedal. In this position, you have to squeeze the leg pads between your legs.
  • When you are perfectly standing on your unicycle, you will need to lean forward to get it moving. The more you shift your body weight, the more speed you can ride your unicycle on. In your first attempt, do not try to take a fast ride to avoid any falls.
  • To slow down or stop, you will need to lean backward. Just release your body weight from the front to the back of the pedals.
  • In case you need to turn, just lean the wheel in the direction you need to go and then recover your steering to continue forward.
  • Finally, to get off the device you will need to slow down and stop. Immediately you will need to put off one foot of one pedal to put it in the floor, keeping your other foot on the other pedal to avoid a fall and then safely turn off the device.
  • Some unicycles come with a learning band, which helps in preventing the rider from falling.


As you can see, it is all about practice. You are not really in any danger if you give it time to learn. You may experience fear or insecurity when you ride the electric unicycle for the first time. Once you get the grip of your electric unicycle, you will immensely enjoy every minute of your ride.

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